Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Spring vs Daffodils

Finally it's spring... usually when daffodil start to grows, it's a sign that spring is just around the corner. Well after almost 6 months of dry leafs (or maybe no leaf at all) and bare trees.. daffodils turn out to be something nice to colour the land again. I guess there're various colour of daffodils but so far i've only seen yellow only daffodils, white-yellow daffodils, white only daffodils and... tu jer kot!

As usual when sun starts to shine again (eksyen jer, tak panas pun...) people start to melepak outside again. They're so jakun bila nampak matahari. Everywhere in the park, recreation ground, playground or kat mana-mana jer lah boleh melepak there are lots of people feasting their skin to the not-so-panas sunshine. It will be more skin and less clothing season.. tu yang malas nk tengok tu.

And as for us.. .sama lah jugak! except in terms of clothing, we're still the same ok! So we went to University Park lakeside.. play some football, light saber fighting, running around and of course taking some pictures.

Darth Maul.. Star Wars no one die hard fan!

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