Thursday, 16 April 2009

Cuti-cuti UK - Durham

Saturday 11th April 2009 we head off to Durham to visit our old friend Nizam&Nazimah. Aunt Nazimah was papa's course mate in Lboro 2001-2002. We arrived together for the first time in UK via East Midlands airport on 14th Sept 2001 (Just 4 days after the Sept 11th incident!)

Anyway..back to our cuti-cuti UK story. Since Nazimah&Co just came back from their holiday on Friday, so we thought tak nak lah sampai sana awal2, bagi chance dia rest dulu. Had to wake up really early that morning, prepare some fried rice for bekal. As usual..kat sini kalau berjalan kena bwk bekal, kalau beli tak kenyang furthermore takde banyak option pun... huhuuu

Depart Burford Road around 730am... we drop by Hull first.
Destination: The Deep - one of UK best aquarium.

As expected, it was raining just as we arrived. So cannot posing2 by the seaside (sea ke river ekk??). Anyway, we were one of the earliest visitors for the day.. hehehe... so don't have to queue that long for tickets. Once inside, it's just like any other aquarium i guess... cuma the different is this place explore the ocean from the beginning of time, through the present day's and into the future of deep sea research. As usual the most excited person is my Darth Maul! First time ever to see something like this..

Mula-mula takut, lama-lama.....

E-fish. Stay still and they will come swimming to you. Once you try to step on them, they swim away...

Bought some souvenir on the way out and then that's it...Still raining when we came out so run quickly into the car. Stomach starts to grumble as it's already 12noon, so we picnic in the car je lah.. makan nasi goreng, and teh O panas.. hehehe... then start the journey again. Gendang gendut tali kecapi, kenyang perut tido mati lah apa lagi, hujan pulak tu! Kesian to driver lah kan??? At last after only 30 mins driving papa surrender, so we stop at one of the service area and everybody ZZZZZZ....

The journey continues.. we head off to York Designer Outlet. Actually takde nak shopping apa2 pun, but since its on the way so we all singgah lah sekejap. As usual kat tempat2 shopping ni kalau tak jumpa melayu memang tak sah but to bumped into someone you know is something not always happen but it did! Jumpa Rini Asnida staf FKA UTM with her hubby,baby, mum and dad... She's doing her PhD at Leeds University. Leeds + Nottingham = jumpa kat York!

Finally we're really on the way to Durham. I'm zzzzz now, to be continue lah ekk..

With Nazimah & Nizam family in front of Nazimah's school (lupa lah nama ape) @ Durham University

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