Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Most important

Top left, my darling Mohd Effandi Yusoff , papa to my three precious. Top left - of course that's me lah... and the three precious are Ezzety a.k.a Along, Emmylia a.k.a liza@angah and of course our one and only hero, Ezaddin a.k.a adik or darth maul (star wars die hard fan nie.. thanks to papa dia lah kan.. sebab kecik2 dulu tak puas main star wars, so now guna anak as reason to buy those stuffs.. )
Anyway these are the MOST IMPORTANT people in my life... not forgetting my mak & abah and my mama & papa of course!
May we life happily ever after and may Allah bless our family always.

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