Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Cuti-cuti UK - Cambridge

It's a long break...
Friday 10th April - Good Friday
Monday 13th April - Easter Monday
Tuesday 14th April - Nottingham University holiday, meaning one xtra off day for mama!
Almost everybody in Nottingham went away for Cuti-Cuti UK including us! At first we don't have any plan then suddenly papa said we should go somewhere... but where?? As usual mama is always the trip planner... pening jugak, bila last minute plan semua hotel/B&B either dah fully booked or double/triple mahal than usual price!
But it's such as waste to just stay at home at time like this, so we decided to take a day trip to Cambridge since it's just about 2 hrs away from Notingham.

The red bas we took from the park & ride

We park at Madingley Road park & ride and took a bas to Cambridge. The ticket cost £2.20 if you buy from the ticket machine or £2.50 if you buy it straight from the driver (aiyyoo.. itu macam ke? 30p masuk poket driver ke?)

In front of Trinity College

What so special about Cambridge? Nothing.. hehehe.. except it is home of one of the world's premier Universities... well the name speak for itself kan?? There are lots of bridges along River Cam hence how the name Cambridge come from (agaknya lah kot...).

The troop from Nottingham

Punting on the river Cam is one of the most popular attraction in Cambridge.. it is the most popular way (and relaxing too!) to see the famous bridges and colleges along river Cam. So we all pun went punting lah jugak. The tour takes about 45 minutes and lead by a chauffeurs who are also expert punters - they have to lah.. if not tak bergerak lah we all..(and they are probably the most brilliant chauffeurs in the world too cause they study in Cambridge hehehe...).

Punting on River Cam - ala ala kat Venice gitu...

Our hensem tour guide...

One of the college

After punting we jalan-jalan around Cambridge.. because it's Good Friday, there were events held at most of the popular colleges such as the Trinity college and Kings college so visitors were not allowed into college. Frust lah jugak... and then the weather was not on our side too, so we had to hurry.

Back at the park & ride, we had a quick car boot picnic, then drove home in the rain...

The next day we head off to Durham pulak. To be continue.....

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