Thursday, 30 April 2009

Lands End

New entry, old story..

April 2008 our first trip of Jalan-jalan UK - CORNWALL. Very nice place worth the long journey! 6 hrs ok.. well its actually took us 8hrs to get there coz we drop by Stonehenge which is a bit out of the way..

Some of the places we visited....

Tintagel Castle - birthplace of King Arthur
Minack Theatre - MUST SEE if you visit Cornwall
Stonehenge - needless to say, one of the wonders of the world
Eden Project - how to xplain ek?? got to feel it u'rself.. Must see!!

Monday, 27 April 2009

The school

The school is Forest Fields Primary & Nursery School

The school uniform

Going to school
At school with some friends
Betul ke ni sekolah kat UK, takde anak omputih pun???

Hehehe... believe it. That's forest field area.

Malaysian, Bangla, Paki, Cina, India.. semua ada...


It's weekend again. As usual Saturday and/or Sunday is a must 'day out'. Someone suggest we go for a picnic so ok lah... PICNIC it is! Eventhough on Friday my colleague Chris a.k.a my weatherman (sbb dia ni every Friday akan check weekend weather for me.. hehehe..) said it's gonna rain on Saturday. Sebab dah plan punya pasal and anak2 dah excited dengar nk pergi picnic, we just pray it's not going to rain.

Locatian: CARSINGTON WATER. The place is quite remote somewhere in Derbyshire near Peak District. Actually tempat ni cuma reservoir jer, but they managed to commercialise the place and make money out of it. Ada visitors centre complete with all the facilities, shops, play area, picnic area, cycling and walking route, sailing boats and etc.

These are some of the nice views at Carsington Water. *Test power camera skillls*

And guess what, Chris was definitely right. Quite positive it's gonna rain! At that time how I wish I'd postponed this to Sunday but it's too late now. Hentam je lah! Hujan pun sekejap je..tapi lebat lah jugak.. Nasib baik ada payung besar! Tent Mazrul+Syam. Dapat lah tumpang berteduh masa hujan hehehe... Mekasih jugak to Black+Su for their green and red gazebos, dapat makanan and tempat BBQ berteduh..

Menyediakan 'payung' sebelum hujan.....

Yang paling seronok? Of course anak-anak ler.. No matter rain or shine.

When the rain stop, we had a walk around the area. The weather was quite cold and windy. Snap more pictures, then back to the picnic site. Perut pun dah lapar balik so makan-makan again. By the time we finished makan, the sun starts to shine again. This time it's for real.. so we lepak2 ala2 sun bathing gitu hehehe...

Me and other half

Finally we left the site around 5pm feeling so tired and smelling like BBQ chicken.....

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Cuti-Cuti UK: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

After jalan2 Durham, we went to Newcastle. Its about 30 minutes drive from Durham. Different from Durham, Newcastle is a big city just like Nottingham... maybe bigger. One thing i noticed there are lots of bridges kat Newcastle ni. Nizam kata kalau kat Newcastle kena pergi ambik gambar kat Millenium Bridge in Gateshead.

Ni lah bridge nyer. When we were on the bridge, we can feel it like shaking and moves up and down a bit - maybe to support all weights. At certain times, this bridge will be tilted up to give way to ships to pass by below. On the other end of the bridge, ada Sunday market. NOthing interesting pun. Nak beli sourvenir pun kedai tutup... So jalan2 a bit then balik.

On the way back, we drop by ANGEL OF THE NORTH. Tak tahu lah tempat apa ni, in the middle of nowhere, tapi nice lah untuk ambik gambar. Since adik is asleep, mama had to wait in the car while the rest went to take some picts with the angel...


Hari ni tak pergi keje - tak sihat! Batuk, demam, selsema.. suara pun dah macam Ella nie huhuuu. So i'm taking this opportunity to update some of the picts from our trip to Durham. So here goes...

Ni gambar town Durham. Town ni kecik jer. According to my host, yang famous kat sini is the Cathederal. Patutlah sign post along the highway refer Durham as THE HISTORICAL CATHEDERAL CITY. Cathederal ni actually macam church jugak tapi bigger and ada banyak function lain kot (agaknya lah..)

Ni lah cathederal nyer.. If u look carefully ada KUBUR kat depan tu. Nampak tak? If i'm not mistaken this is one of the location they used in HARRY POTTER movie. We were here on a Sunday, so berduyun-duyun lah umat dia org ni datang utk Sunday prayer. This place is one of the tourist attraction, so admission is free. But we don't want the kids to go in.. takut jugak macam 'keras' je tempat nie. So papa and uncle Nizam jer masuk and took some pictures..

Nampak tak dua kereta putih tu? The white MPV is ours - that's a Chrysler Voyager and Mercedes putih sebelah tu kereta 2N.

Pictures taken from inside and around the cathederal.

Then we walk to the town, dekat jer. Because it's a bank holiday so kedai semua tutup. So again.. we just posing2 a little bit. Town ni pedestrian safe zone, kereta tak boleh masuk. So the kids are safe to run around. Pictures around Durham town centre...

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Back to school

Tuesday 21st April 2009 - School reopens after 2 week Easter break. Finally.. what a relieve!! Budak2 ni pun bukannya suka sangat cuti except kalau bawak berjalan. Kalau terperap jer kat rumah, they prefer to go to school.

School name: Forest Field Primary School
Location: Just 5 minutes walk from home.

Along is in Year 4 - Class 4BD. Teacher name Mrs Dunne
Angah is in Year 2 - Class 2LD. Teacher name Ms Davis.

Great news we got today - EZADDIN will starts his playgroup session at this school in SEPTEMBER! Macam tak percaya adik is going to school soon... Dah besar hero mama ni!!

Will post some picts soon...

Especially utk Kak Su...

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Cuti-cuti UK - Durham

Saturday 11th April 2009 we head off to Durham to visit our old friend Nizam&Nazimah. Aunt Nazimah was papa's course mate in Lboro 2001-2002. We arrived together for the first time in UK via East Midlands airport on 14th Sept 2001 (Just 4 days after the Sept 11th incident!)

Anyway..back to our cuti-cuti UK story. Since Nazimah&Co just came back from their holiday on Friday, so we thought tak nak lah sampai sana awal2, bagi chance dia rest dulu. Had to wake up really early that morning, prepare some fried rice for bekal. As usual..kat sini kalau berjalan kena bwk bekal, kalau beli tak kenyang furthermore takde banyak option pun... huhuuu

Depart Burford Road around 730am... we drop by Hull first.
Destination: The Deep - one of UK best aquarium.

As expected, it was raining just as we arrived. So cannot posing2 by the seaside (sea ke river ekk??). Anyway, we were one of the earliest visitors for the day.. hehehe... so don't have to queue that long for tickets. Once inside, it's just like any other aquarium i guess... cuma the different is this place explore the ocean from the beginning of time, through the present day's and into the future of deep sea research. As usual the most excited person is my Darth Maul! First time ever to see something like this..

Mula-mula takut, lama-lama.....

E-fish. Stay still and they will come swimming to you. Once you try to step on them, they swim away...

Bought some souvenir on the way out and then that's it...Still raining when we came out so run quickly into the car. Stomach starts to grumble as it's already 12noon, so we picnic in the car je lah.. makan nasi goreng, and teh O panas.. hehehe... then start the journey again. Gendang gendut tali kecapi, kenyang perut tido mati lah apa lagi, hujan pulak tu! Kesian to driver lah kan??? At last after only 30 mins driving papa surrender, so we stop at one of the service area and everybody ZZZZZZ....

The journey continues.. we head off to York Designer Outlet. Actually takde nak shopping apa2 pun, but since its on the way so we all singgah lah sekejap. As usual kat tempat2 shopping ni kalau tak jumpa melayu memang tak sah but to bumped into someone you know is something not always happen but it did! Jumpa Rini Asnida staf FKA UTM with her hubby,baby, mum and dad... She's doing her PhD at Leeds University. Leeds + Nottingham = jumpa kat York!

Finally we're really on the way to Durham. I'm zzzzz now, to be continue lah ekk..

With Nazimah & Nizam family in front of Nazimah's school (lupa lah nama ape) @ Durham University

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Cerita Ezaddin...

At home, the night after our trip to Cambridge...

Angah: Mama why do you want us to study at Cambridge?
Mama: Because it's one of the best university in the world
Angah: Abis tu macam mana nak belajar kat situ?
Mama: You got to have good grades at school, then only boleh masuk Univ tu..
Angah: What's good grade?
Mama: *thinking* Yang paling pandai sekali dlm kelas...
Angah: Then what should i become?
Mama: Angah nak jadi apa?
Angah: Angah nk jadi doktor...


Adik: Adik tak nak jadi doktor, adik nak jadi Darth Maul (dengan confident dan pelat)

Hah?? Rosak anak aku sorang nie... salah papa dia lah nie!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Cuti-cuti UK - Cambridge

It's a long break...
Friday 10th April - Good Friday
Monday 13th April - Easter Monday
Tuesday 14th April - Nottingham University holiday, meaning one xtra off day for mama!
Almost everybody in Nottingham went away for Cuti-Cuti UK including us! At first we don't have any plan then suddenly papa said we should go somewhere... but where?? As usual mama is always the trip planner... pening jugak, bila last minute plan semua hotel/B&B either dah fully booked or double/triple mahal than usual price!
But it's such as waste to just stay at home at time like this, so we decided to take a day trip to Cambridge since it's just about 2 hrs away from Notingham.

The red bas we took from the park & ride

We park at Madingley Road park & ride and took a bas to Cambridge. The ticket cost £2.20 if you buy from the ticket machine or £2.50 if you buy it straight from the driver (aiyyoo.. itu macam ke? 30p masuk poket driver ke?)

In front of Trinity College

What so special about Cambridge? Nothing.. hehehe.. except it is home of one of the world's premier Universities... well the name speak for itself kan?? There are lots of bridges along River Cam hence how the name Cambridge come from (agaknya lah kot...).

The troop from Nottingham

Punting on the river Cam is one of the most popular attraction in Cambridge.. it is the most popular way (and relaxing too!) to see the famous bridges and colleges along river Cam. So we all pun went punting lah jugak. The tour takes about 45 minutes and lead by a chauffeurs who are also expert punters - they have to lah.. if not tak bergerak lah we all..(and they are probably the most brilliant chauffeurs in the world too cause they study in Cambridge hehehe...).

Punting on River Cam - ala ala kat Venice gitu...

Our hensem tour guide...

One of the college

After punting we jalan-jalan around Cambridge.. because it's Good Friday, there were events held at most of the popular colleges such as the Trinity college and Kings college so visitors were not allowed into college. Frust lah jugak... and then the weather was not on our side too, so we had to hurry.

Back at the park & ride, we had a quick car boot picnic, then drove home in the rain...

The next day we head off to Durham pulak. To be continue.....

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Matlock Bath

Saturday 04th April 2009 - It's the first weekend since papa return. We must do something interesting this week! Need to make full use of papa to drive us around ( a bit further from Nottingham) hehehe... So we went to Matlock Bath.

Matlock Bath is a unique village south of Matlock in Derbyshire, built alongside the River Derwent in a steep and beautiful gorge. It's a very nice little town, about 45 mins drive from Nottingham via M1 (Exit Junction 28). Kalu nak tengok map, click here.

The town

There's a river alongside the town
Guess who welcome us here?

Dora and Diego on their way to Gulliver Kingdom theme park. We have to pass this. One theme park per year only!

Interestingly, eventhough this town is small and location wise maybe a bit remote, but there are lots of bikers kat sini.. and not cikai bikers ok..

Tak tau motor apa nie...


Then we went to Heights of Abraham, one of the attraction here. You can either walk up the hill or took the cable car. Obviously it will cost you some £££ for the latter option (mana ada cable car free kan?) but we thought what the heck... this is gonna be our first and last visit anyway! For family of 5 (including Ika nasib baik dia sikit) we have to pay £39 (return journey). Each car can fit max of 6 people, so just nice for us!

Gayat lah jugak so apa lagi, look straight ahead jer lah! Duduk diam2 jer. Hehehe.. tu lah dulu marah atuk sebab takut heights masa naik Empire State Building kat NY, sekarang ni mama plak gayat.. hehehe.. tu lah balasan. Ampun abah!

Papa & Mama

View kat atas..