Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Papa's back!!

Finally after almost 2.5 months balik Malaysia, papa is finally home! Adik is the most happiest person to see papa (siap tepuk tangan lagi..) Flight from JB was at 7am on 30th March, depart from KLIA at 10am. Arrived in Heathrow around 5pm 30th March, took a bas from Heathrow to Nottingham at 730pm and finally arrived in Robin Hood land at 10ish.. took a taxi from Broadmarsh Bus Station and arrived safely at home around 11pm.

Things papa brought back (among others) are...

1. Upin & Ipin pyjamas and shirt
2. Some Star Wars figurines from duty free shops - for adik
3. Magazines for mama - so I can catch ups with latest gossips from Malaysia hehehe....
4. Camera Nikon D90 untuk auntie Riza
5. Compact camera for mama... hehehe.. thanks darling!
6. Other stuffs - too many to list here

However what most important is.. papa is back safe and sound! Although he looks a bit kurus (maybe rindu kat kita kot??? ye ke papa?) but at least his mission accomplished!

What ever it is.. We are so glad he's back with us now. So lepas ni boleh lah kita ajak papa jalan-jalan kan? Boleh ke papa??

Monday, 23 March 2009

Happy Mothers Day

22nd March - It's Mothers Day today. Suddenly I miss my mak very much.. Mama would like to take this opportunity to wish my two mothers (nenek and tok mama lah kan..) a very happy mothers day (eventhough kat Msia they celebrate this in May), and thanks a lot for all your support and love. Without them, there are no ME (and papa) and without ME there will be no Ezzety, Emmylia & Ezaddin...

Thank you mak, thank you mama... We love you so much!!

Here they are.. my loving mother

Hajah Zaiton Abd Wahid
And my mother-in-law,

Hajah Zubaidah Mohamed

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


10th March 2009 - Patience is the companion of wisdom. Remember that my children. Last night mama was so angry and couldn't be patience anymore. Well actually mama is a bit stress lately. It has been 45 days since papa left us for Malaysia. Papa need to do his data collection in Malaysia, and he's going to be there for 3 months. Papa said if he can finish early, he'll come back earlier.

That means mama had to do everything, not that I'm complaining but sometimes it's just so stressful when you had to do it all by youself. To make it worse, the boiler keep on creating problems which mean no hot water and no central heating. And the landlord said - the boiler man (si pendek) is not sure what's causing the problem and he cannot fix it until it is totally broken! I think he really need to study the manual again or quit being a boilerman!! It gets mama really worried because when there's no central heating the house will not get warm enough (thanks to our landlord for the single glazing window..) and you guys will be sick - Angah might get her asthma again, along with the allergy and adik might continue with the runny nose.

Then adik keeps on doing stuffs he shouldn't be doing i.e. pee in his pants... (not again!).. Ohh tension nyer... At the end adik get it real 'good' from me.. and that night in his sleep he got a slightly high temperature.. kesian adik DEMAM.. terkejut agaknya!

Sorry guys.. sometimes adult didn't mean to do what they did, but when anger gets in control.. that's what happen! So remember this.. always be PATIENCE as it is the campanion of WISDOM.

Sorry adik.. mama didn't meant it.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Welcome to our world..

Life is like a box of chocolate... you never know what you'll get! You'll never know..

I have created this blog especially for my kids (Ezzety, Emmylia & Ezaddin) so they'll remember that this part of the world were once part of their life.... I will keep updating this blog with all the good times, the bad times, the nice and the sad moments they had here so that one day when we're back in Malaysia again, they can share this with their friends, teachers or maybe even with their own kids (insyallah) . It's a bit late as we have been here for almost 1.5 years now, but better late than never. I'll try to recollect any precious moments prior to this day and include it in here too. I'm sure this is something my kids will cherised one day...

15 September 2007, that's the day we first came to Nottingham. To live here is not something we look forward to (at least not for mama), but something we had to do... Papa have to continue his PhD study. Papa's PhD will take about 3-3 1/2 years to complete, so we will be living here until mid 2011 (hopefully). Let's all pray papa study will all go smoothly and papa can finish on time.