Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Hah mesti ada yang suspens baca title post ni kan?? Sape yang mengidam?? Hahaha.. not me OK! Not yet...

Sebenarnya hari ni ada request from my newly preggie friend..nak makan my mee hoon goreng. Yang tak tahan tu dia kata mee hoon goreng I sama standard dengan mee hoon yang mak dia masak! Sangat terharu I dengar ok.. Hmm harap-harap mee hari ni sama sedap dengan mee yang dia pernah makan sebelum nie. Last minute notice kan, guna jer apa bahan yang ada kat rumah tu.

To mommysarah hope you enjoy the mee goreng ok... Sedap tak? hehehe.. and hope you'll feel better again soon.

To my another preggie neighbour, mummy Akif - you tak mengidam pun dapat jugak mee tu. To other non-preggie neighbours yang dapat mee tu, rezeki you all lah yer. Yang tak dapat jangan 'small heart' eh.. insyAllah next time.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Fathers Day

Especially for my dearest hubby, Mohd Effandi Yusoff
For my loving abah, Hj Dolhaji bin Md Tab
And my loving papa, Hj Yusoff Mustapha

Lots of love from us - Watie, Ezzetty, Emmylia, Ezaddin

Friday, 19 June 2009

What's cooking?

Here's to share what's cooking in our kitchen this week..

Burger Malaysia

Special request from my hubby. Alah kita order jer kat WarungNotts . Tapi sebab orang dah request kan.. buat jugak lah. Nampak mcm mulut monster with green teeth inside. Then the kids requested for kek shrek.. Hahaha nak tau kek shrek tu apa?

Chiffon pandan

Tapi ni bukan yang I buat ok.. ni gambar cilok kat internet. Dah letih sangat tak larat nak ambik gambar. The next day when I got home after work.. habis dah??!! Hmmm budak2 ni pun makan macam Shrek :D

Then terasa macam nak makan lontong lah pulak. So buat lah siap dengan sambal kacang, tapi food critique as usual lah 'tak rasa macam selalu you buat lah' pulak dah... ada jer!


Then last night experiment karipap pusing/karipap lapis. Jangan jeles... experiment I menjadi ok! Food critique senyap jer, tak kata apa.. sedap lah tu! Tapi macam serik nk buat lagi..leceh! Anak-anakku, balik Malaysia mama beli jer lah yer.. hahaha...

Karipap lapis ku - with chicken curry filling.

So happy

Why ??? Hehehe..
  • Atuk & nenek (my mak & abah) is coming over in October! And what's more.. they will be here during Raya Haji, best nyer! It will be 2+ years in October since the last time I saw them. Hmmm dah boleh buat list nie... apa yer??

  • 4 weeks from today we'll be on our way to conquer Europe!! Really looking forward to this trip... We'll be joining the Europe trip organised by Kelana Convoy. We'll cover 8 countries in 14 days. Hopefully everything will go as planned. Can't wait! This is definitely worth at least 8 entries in here. Check it out later..

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Today as i was sitting lazily in front of the PC, browsing through the pictures (patut lah ssloww, banyak nyer gambor!). Then terjumpa lah gambar2 lama dulu, alah masa bercinta hehehe.. including our wedding pictures. As I was looking at the pictures.. betapa 'berbeza' nyer we all sekarang. Hmmm....

First bercinta.. then after almost 10 years of marriage, now with 3 kids. I guess we are now moving to the next phase in life. People say life begin at 40. Is that true? If that is the case then we have another 6 years to go. What do we want in life? Career? Wealth? Success?? To me everything have to be balance. And for us, the kids are our most precious assets. I just don't understand how some people just simply ditch their kids just because they have other 'important' agenda which to me can be put off for later. But if you put off your time for the kids, will you get it back? Once missed, it will never come back. TRUST ME...

As for your work, be it in the office or anywhere else.. if you miss it today, you can always continue later. WORK.. it will never finish! TRUST ME...

That's why I've always like the working environment here. You won't see people around in the office at 5.05pm!! Everybody is gone by then, even the big boss. Kalau kat Malaysia, the trend is 'lagi lambat balik, lagi bagus, lagi rajin'.. Pooorahh.. Never belief that. My principle - WORK SMART NOT WORK HARD.

If you want to see our old picts, click here and here. Don't want to post it here, too damn small...

Friday, 12 June 2009

Decision, decision...

This way or that way? Nak attend ke tak attend? Confused... I was invited to attend a promotion interview.. which is totally brilliant but this is for my job back in Malaysia!!

Mula-mula memang confirm tak nak balik, then the interview was postponed lah pulak. Bila call kawan2 kat UTM they said balik lah. Adusss... malas nyer nak pikir. Nak balik ke tidak? Balik best jugak.. dapat jumpa family and dapat jugak makan durian hehehe, tapi kalau balik.... banyak pulak pro and con nyer.

Check flight ticket aritu banyak yg available.. murah lah jugak. Dah memang tempted sangat nak balik tapi still 50-50 lagi masa tu. Then pikir punya pikir: BALIK lah! Tapi... tengok2 tiket murah dah habis!! Huhuhu... takde rezeki. Takpe lah lain kali kot... insyallah ada rezeki lain.

To boss ku En Hassan sori tak dapat balik bos! Save satu post utk saya next year boleh? :)
To Dekan FKA sorry lah Prof, penat jer sign borang perakuan tu hehehe..
To kakak-kakak ku kat UTM, Mak Ani and Mak Su sorry menyusahkan.. tak berniat pun.
And to Jalil Maulani.. sorry ler tak merasa kau nak makan makaroni goreng aku... tunggu lagi 2 tahun ok.. :D

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Caravan Holiday

Below are some pictures from our caravan holiday recently. We love caravan holiday, for us it's just so comfy and convenient as we have all the space just for us, can cook our own food and the facilities is just superb!

This is our second caravan holiday. First time it was at Perran Sands in Cornwall. We were so excited at that time, forgot to take any picts of the caravan.. So this time we make sure pictures are taken before the l'il monterzs make a mess!! So here goes...

This is now something we must do every year! Hmmm.. wonder where our next destination will be?? Most probably Scotland.... :D

Monday, 8 June 2009

Catching up..

It has been quite in here these few weeks. Aiseh.. so sorry this madam is the 'busiest' person lately with work, family, business etc2. So what have we been up to this past few weeks?
My family - The kids got new bikes and were really excited about it. Last two weeks we had a very nice sunny and warm weather, just the right time for some riding lesson..

Minah-minah kecik belajar me'remp-it'

Mat rempit junior...

Bapak mat rempit - konon nya nak mengajar anak.. bole caya ke camni?

Then at work my colleague Chris got a new job at HM Tresury in London, just what he wanted. So I made some cupcakes for him on his last day. I wish him all the best.. but leaving me all alone in the office with my manager. Not good...

Then at home last week we had a BBQ in our backyard. Invite some nearby neighbours. Weather was good, the foods was extremely marvellous (masuk bakul angkat sendiri :D ) thanks to those who bring along some additional food sampai tak muat meja hehehe... and most important thanks for coming over.