Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Papa's back!!

Finally after almost 2.5 months balik Malaysia, papa is finally home! Adik is the most happiest person to see papa (siap tepuk tangan lagi..) Flight from JB was at 7am on 30th March, depart from KLIA at 10am. Arrived in Heathrow around 5pm 30th March, took a bas from Heathrow to Nottingham at 730pm and finally arrived in Robin Hood land at 10ish.. took a taxi from Broadmarsh Bus Station and arrived safely at home around 11pm.

Things papa brought back (among others) are...

1. Upin & Ipin pyjamas and shirt
2. Some Star Wars figurines from duty free shops - for adik
3. Magazines for mama - so I can catch ups with latest gossips from Malaysia hehehe....
4. Camera Nikon D90 untuk auntie Riza
5. Compact camera for mama... hehehe.. thanks darling!
6. Other stuffs - too many to list here

However what most important is.. papa is back safe and sound! Although he looks a bit kurus (maybe rindu kat kita kot??? ye ke papa?) but at least his mission accomplished!

What ever it is.. We are so glad he's back with us now. So lepas ni boleh lah kita ajak papa jalan-jalan kan? Boleh ke papa??

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