Thursday, 23 April 2009

Cuti-Cuti UK: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

After jalan2 Durham, we went to Newcastle. Its about 30 minutes drive from Durham. Different from Durham, Newcastle is a big city just like Nottingham... maybe bigger. One thing i noticed there are lots of bridges kat Newcastle ni. Nizam kata kalau kat Newcastle kena pergi ambik gambar kat Millenium Bridge in Gateshead.

Ni lah bridge nyer. When we were on the bridge, we can feel it like shaking and moves up and down a bit - maybe to support all weights. At certain times, this bridge will be tilted up to give way to ships to pass by below. On the other end of the bridge, ada Sunday market. NOthing interesting pun. Nak beli sourvenir pun kedai tutup... So jalan2 a bit then balik.

On the way back, we drop by ANGEL OF THE NORTH. Tak tahu lah tempat apa ni, in the middle of nowhere, tapi nice lah untuk ambik gambar. Since adik is asleep, mama had to wait in the car while the rest went to take some picts with the angel...

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