Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Back to school

Tuesday 21st April 2009 - School reopens after 2 week Easter break. Finally.. what a relieve!! Budak2 ni pun bukannya suka sangat cuti except kalau bawak berjalan. Kalau terperap jer kat rumah, they prefer to go to school.

School name: Forest Field Primary School
Location: Just 5 minutes walk from home.

Along is in Year 4 - Class 4BD. Teacher name Mrs Dunne
Angah is in Year 2 - Class 2LD. Teacher name Ms Davis.

Great news we got today - EZADDIN will starts his playgroup session at this school in SEPTEMBER! Macam tak percaya adik is going to school soon... Dah besar hero mama ni!!

Will post some picts soon...

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