Thursday, 23 April 2009


Hari ni tak pergi keje - tak sihat! Batuk, demam, selsema.. suara pun dah macam Ella nie huhuuu. So i'm taking this opportunity to update some of the picts from our trip to Durham. So here goes...

Ni gambar town Durham. Town ni kecik jer. According to my host, yang famous kat sini is the Cathederal. Patutlah sign post along the highway refer Durham as THE HISTORICAL CATHEDERAL CITY. Cathederal ni actually macam church jugak tapi bigger and ada banyak function lain kot (agaknya lah..)

Ni lah cathederal nyer.. If u look carefully ada KUBUR kat depan tu. Nampak tak? If i'm not mistaken this is one of the location they used in HARRY POTTER movie. We were here on a Sunday, so berduyun-duyun lah umat dia org ni datang utk Sunday prayer. This place is one of the tourist attraction, so admission is free. But we don't want the kids to go in.. takut jugak macam 'keras' je tempat nie. So papa and uncle Nizam jer masuk and took some pictures..

Nampak tak dua kereta putih tu? The white MPV is ours - that's a Chrysler Voyager and Mercedes putih sebelah tu kereta 2N.

Pictures taken from inside and around the cathederal.

Then we walk to the town, dekat jer. Because it's a bank holiday so kedai semua tutup. So again.. we just posing2 a little bit. Town ni pedestrian safe zone, kereta tak boleh masuk. So the kids are safe to run around. Pictures around Durham town centre...

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