Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Matlock Bath

Saturday 04th April 2009 - It's the first weekend since papa return. We must do something interesting this week! Need to make full use of papa to drive us around ( a bit further from Nottingham) hehehe... So we went to Matlock Bath.

Matlock Bath is a unique village south of Matlock in Derbyshire, built alongside the River Derwent in a steep and beautiful gorge. It's a very nice little town, about 45 mins drive from Nottingham via M1 (Exit Junction 28). Kalu nak tengok map, click here.

The town

There's a river alongside the town
Guess who welcome us here?

Dora and Diego on their way to Gulliver Kingdom theme park. We have to pass this. One theme park per year only!

Interestingly, eventhough this town is small and location wise maybe a bit remote, but there are lots of bikers kat sini.. and not cikai bikers ok..

Tak tau motor apa nie...


Then we went to Heights of Abraham, one of the attraction here. You can either walk up the hill or took the cable car. Obviously it will cost you some £££ for the latter option (mana ada cable car free kan?) but we thought what the heck... this is gonna be our first and last visit anyway! For family of 5 (including Ika nasib baik dia kecik..save sikit) we have to pay £39 (return journey). Each car can fit max of 6 people, so just nice for us!

Gayat lah jugak so apa lagi, look straight ahead jer lah! Duduk diam2 jer. Hehehe.. tu lah dulu marah atuk sebab takut heights masa naik Empire State Building kat NY, sekarang ni mama plak gayat.. hehehe.. tu lah balasan. Ampun abah!

Papa & Mama

View kat atas..

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