Thursday, 2 July 2009

It's hot!

HOT! HOT! HOT! Past few days has been really hot.. boiling! Kalau cakap camni orang kata eksyen plak.. kat Malaysia tu lagi panas lah oiii!! But probably because we are now climatise to the weather here, so memang panas! Kat sini tak humid mcm kat Malaysia, so budak-budak ni dah macam sama warna dengan anak2 Paki and Bangla kat sini - SUNBURN!

Fan is probably the most popular item at the moment. Hmm.. maybe we also need to buy another fan.

Angah is not feeling well, biasa lah dia kalau musim panas, sure demam. Got a call from from Mina yesterday (kat sini pun ada Minah jugak ok.. tapi minachi lah kan hehehe) - the lady from Along & Angah school, said we need to pick up angah cos she's not feeling well. Apparently half of her class was not in for the same reason! This morning went to see the doctor. Just normal fever, drink lots of water and keep her cool. Risau jugak with the swine flu thing lately...

Weather forecast says it's going to rain, heavy rain on Friday. See??? Kejap panas, kejap hujan.. mana lah tak sakit. BUt this could be a blessing so it will cool down a bit.. Hopefully.

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hazila said...

salam kak wati, hehehe panas ka? uisk... kat sini pon sama.kejap panas,kejap sejukkk