Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Swine Flu update

The kids are getting better now. Hmm... what a week! Rumah tu dah tukar jadi ward. At first angah jer kat sakit, then last friday along pulak and then adik. Along condition is worse, siap dgn vomitting and diarohea (betul ke spelling nie???)

Anyway I do think this is a possible swine flu case, but maybe just a mild one. Why did i say that? Because today the GP call me and ask how's Angah condition!!! Mana pernah dia orang call to follow up if it's just a normal flu. Must be that thing but they just don't want to alarm us.

Apa pun alhamdulillah budak2 tu dah sihat, tinggal batuk jer sikit. Ubat memang cukup time kena bagi.. kalau lambat skit temperature naik balik. And they are now quarantine in the house, tak boleh pegi sekolah. Alah sekolah pun lagi 2 minggu jer, pastu dah summer break.

The other day someone forwarded an email about natural remedy for swine flu. Thanks for that. It's really useful.

Use 9 star anise, 6 cups of water.
Boil in earthern pot if possible or else avoid steel/metal pot.
Boil for about 30-40 mins until about 4 cups left.
Drink twice daily over the flu period.
Above volume good for 2 adults per day.
To add flavour, add couple of red dates (remove seed before boiling).

FYI - Annise star tu bunga lawang.. ;0)

Nak termuntah2 budak2 tu minum.. tak kira kena minum jugak! I searched anisse star on the internet , and it's true indeed! They used this to make the swine flu vaccine - TAMIFLU. Tak sangka.. kita selalu guna masa nak masak kari jer.. hehehe..

So kalau ada sape-sape yang rasa tak sihat masa musim Swine Flu ni, I strongly suggest you try this. No harm bukan nya drug pun. It's all natural...

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