Friday, 3 July 2009

Possible swine flu!

Last nite we were so worried that angah might have SWINE FLU! Got a note from their school saying that 2 children and a member of a staff at Forest Field Primary school got swine flu. Ya Allah punya lah we all risau bila baca note tu. Kan dia demam.. teringat lah pulak masa ambik dia kat sekolah the other day, her teacher said half of her classmates are not feeling well too! Dah lah tu, lately ni swine flu cases are increasing rapidly in UK! What make me worried most is... it looks like she got some of the symptoms...

    Typical symptoms of swine flu are:
    • sudden fever,
    • and sudden cough.

    Other symptoms may include:

    • headache,
    • tiredness,
    • chills,
    • aching muscles,
    • limb or joint pain,
    • diarrhoea or stomach upset,
    • sore throat,
    • runny nose,
    • sneezing, and
    • loss of appetite.

    Dah ler dia tu asthmatic. So I straight away called NHS direct (the line was so damn busy!). As usual they asked lots and lots of questions. They said they've put a note to our GP and we had to call them first thing in the morning. Lagi lah we all suspens..

    Last night her temperature was constantly aroung 39C or more! So called the GP this morning and they seems to be so relax about this!!!?? Sakit hati tak? Bengang betul! Bila call sekolah pulak and asked them who's the infected kid, they won't tell! Hmmm.. finally when we see the Doc, he said she's fine, just normal flu. Bila tanya how can we differentiate between swine flu and normal flu.. Doc tu pun tak boleh nk jawab!

    At the moment, she looks better.. although she still have the temp. We continue to give her paracetamol every 6hrs, more fluids and keep her cool. Nasib baik hari ni hujan as predicted, so sejuk sikit!

    And today adik pulak demam.. but he's still active and bubbly as usual, so I'm not too worry. Let's hope everybody will get better soon.. IAllah.

    If you want to know more about swine flu, follow this link. Mudah-mudahan kita semua di jauhkan dari penyakit merbahaya ni. Amin.


    hazila said...

    ya ke kak? katu tmn is apa yg suspect swine flu kena amik darah uji

    Maymay said...

    Oh my god is the little girl in the pink striped jumper Aidah
    If not sorry

    Watieddie said...

    Maymay that girl is my daughter, Emmylia. :)