Friday, 1 May 2009

What to do ehh???

Everytime I asked myself this question, I'll end up doing something like this...

Chocolate muffins

Biskut raya.. tak raya pun buat jugak..

Sosej roll

Look delicious tak? Recipe available upon request only ok.. hahaha...

Yes that's right.. I'll either be baking or cooking. I guess that's something GOOD lah kan rather than sleeping or shopping or doing nothing, at least my family kenyang! Hahaha... Other half, you should be proud of me tau! And i guess that's why his waistline is gradually increasing (oppsss sorry la darling...)

Well actually I love cooking, baking and anything related to this. Guess I got it from my mum kot... tapi sometimes bila 'MALAS' datang, we'll end up makan maggi jugak kan?? hehehe...

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