Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Creaso back...

It's been a while since my last entry... been very busy lately with some other time consuming project. Letih betul...anyway we just came back from North Wales.
Creaso means welcome in Welsh. Totally different from English kan? If you hear Welsh people talk, it's even worst! We were there for 4 days - stay at Greenacres Park in Porthmadog. (In a 3 bedroom super spacious caravan best!!! - I'll story more about this in another post)
North Wales is famous for its scenery.. these picts are proof. Taken on the way to the holiday park...

So many castles (welsh say castel), dunno which one to choose. At the end we only managed to visit two castles - Caenarfon Castle and Conwy castle.

First destination - the popular Snowdon Mountain Railway. FYI - At 1085 metres Snowdon is the highest mountain in England and Wales. But just as we arrived the weather does not look good. Cloudy and showers.. kalu kat atas tu sure worst. FRUST.. we decided not to waste the money just the see the rain. Off we go to our first medieval castle..

Pantang jumpa view cantik mesti stop to pose a bit.. bila lagi kan?? :D This picts were taken on the way to Caenarfon castle.

Caenarfon Castle entrance...

Inside the castle..

The knight tale..

View from inside the castle

Another view from inside the castle

Outside the castle..

That's it for today. I'm bout to bump my head to this keyboard, guess that mean I neeed to go for now. To be continue...

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