Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mini reunion

On the way back from Lincoln, we drop by Kingston Upon Hull for a 'mini' reunion. My hubby, Riza, Kak Noriza and En. Ahmad Shafuddin of Jabatan Pengurusan, FPPSM UTM

Humber Bridge Hull - ala2 bridge kat San Francisco tak? We have to pay £2.70 for the toll charges. First time we used a toll route, we rather pay the toll than having to sit for an extra 30 minutes travelling time if we took the un-toll route.

At Kak Noriza's cosy and beautiful house. Thanks Kak Za for the nasi goreng, popia etc. Buat susah2 jer.. sorry tak dapat makan banyak sebab masih full lagi.

With Shafuddin & family. Thanks for the hospitality and cause tapau untuk we all mee goreng.. hehehe..

Eh.. what's this? Actually this is not related what-so-ever to our trip. This is Butter bun I made a day after the trip. Not croissant ok, butter bun that looks like croissant. Gone in 60 seconds opppss that's a movie title. This one actually gone in 15 minutes....

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