Wednesday, 11 March 2009


10th March 2009 - Patience is the companion of wisdom. Remember that my children. Last night mama was so angry and couldn't be patience anymore. Well actually mama is a bit stress lately. It has been 45 days since papa left us for Malaysia. Papa need to do his data collection in Malaysia, and he's going to be there for 3 months. Papa said if he can finish early, he'll come back earlier.

That means mama had to do everything, not that I'm complaining but sometimes it's just so stressful when you had to do it all by youself. To make it worse, the boiler keep on creating problems which mean no hot water and no central heating. And the landlord said - the boiler man (si pendek) is not sure what's causing the problem and he cannot fix it until it is totally broken! I think he really need to study the manual again or quit being a boilerman!! It gets mama really worried because when there's no central heating the house will not get warm enough (thanks to our landlord for the single glazing window..) and you guys will be sick - Angah might get her asthma again, along with the allergy and adik might continue with the runny nose.

Then adik keeps on doing stuffs he shouldn't be doing i.e. pee in his pants... (not again!).. Ohh tension nyer... At the end adik get it real 'good' from me.. and that night in his sleep he got a slightly high temperature.. kesian adik DEMAM.. terkejut agaknya!

Sorry guys.. sometimes adult didn't mean to do what they did, but when anger gets in control.. that's what happen! So remember this.. always be PATIENCE as it is the campanion of WISDOM.

Sorry adik.. mama didn't meant it.

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mommysarah said...

siannya sayer dengar.....mesti akak tension betul masa niekan...