Monday, 23 March 2009

Happy Mothers Day

22nd March - It's Mothers Day today. Suddenly I miss my mak very much.. Mama would like to take this opportunity to wish my two mothers (nenek and tok mama lah kan..) a very happy mothers day (eventhough kat Msia they celebrate this in May), and thanks a lot for all your support and love. Without them, there are no ME (and papa) and without ME there will be no Ezzety, Emmylia & Ezaddin...

Thank you mak, thank you mama... We love you so much!!

Here they are.. my loving mother

Hajah Zaiton Abd Wahid
And my mother-in-law,

Hajah Zubaidah Mohamed

1 comment:

naMie said...

yea...happy mothers day kt mak gak.... :D
hajah zaiton bte hj abd wahid....