Monday, 8 June 2009

Catching up..

It has been quite in here these few weeks. Aiseh.. so sorry this madam is the 'busiest' person lately with work, family, business etc2. So what have we been up to this past few weeks?
My family - The kids got new bikes and were really excited about it. Last two weeks we had a very nice sunny and warm weather, just the right time for some riding lesson..

Minah-minah kecik belajar me'remp-it'

Mat rempit junior...

Bapak mat rempit - konon nya nak mengajar anak.. bole caya ke camni?

Then at work my colleague Chris got a new job at HM Tresury in London, just what he wanted. So I made some cupcakes for him on his last day. I wish him all the best.. but leaving me all alone in the office with my manager. Not good...

Then at home last week we had a BBQ in our backyard. Invite some nearby neighbours. Weather was good, the foods was extremely marvellous (masuk bakul angkat sendiri :D ) thanks to those who bring along some additional food sampai tak muat meja hehehe... and most important thanks for coming over.

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mommysarah said...

anyway thanks a lot for the meal!!! sedap. tp sedey..i was not there during the sunny session - kerja maaaa..huhuhuhuhu