Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hello again...

It has been almost 2 years since I last scribbled in this blog.. woohoo.. lama nya! 

So to update you people out there (macam la ramai sgt yang membaca blog ni hehe), we are now back and alive in Malaysia - tanah tumpah darahku.  A lot has happened since we got here back in September 2011. 

Hubby completed his PhD alhamdulillah. I got my Masters but now I'm  a Masterchef (at home lah..) 

Ika went back to Indon last year after 8 years of service.  So now I'm a mummy, wifey, chef, laundrywoman, driver(sometimes),cleaner, bibik et al. LOL

The kids settled down well in school - Along even took the UPSR exam last year! She struggled with her BM. Not even a year sekolah dah exam. But she managed to get 2A2B1C, obviously the B and C are her BM's result. But its OK, I'm sure she will perform better in her PMR nanti. 

This year it's Angah's turn for UPSR pulak. I think she's doing well in her studies, coping with her BM, sekolah agama, latihan sukan, kokurikulum activities, her dancing sessions, tuisyen etc.. fuhh banyak nya aktivities.

Ezaddin is in school already! My hero dah darjah 1 this year ;)

And this year.. so many things ahead..

my brother in law wedding, my brother wedding, cousin2 wedding (this is JUMBO sale lah.. everybody LAKU this year. , ramai2 kawin)

Lupa nk story.. i got promoted last year! hehe.. syukur Alhamdulillah. AND I have new image now.. Alhamdulillah

Next month we are moving to our new house. Nanti kalau ada masa i"ll upload pictures.. we gonna sell our current house.. ada sape-sape nak beli? PM me ya.. 

That's all for today.. hopefully its not gonna be another 2 years until my next update haha.


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