Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Too Long...

Too long, it has been too long since i last updated this blog... am i that busy?

well, look like I am!! Busy and stressed out..hmmm....


i'm half way through my study already.. yeay! the biggest chuck are over and now i'm doing this last piece of work before i finish.. double yeay!!

Hubby's study also has almost come to the end, just few more tweak here and there.. and hopefully he will be able to submit by July/August time.. insyAllah

90 days from today and we are leaving this English land heading for lovely home sweet home...

70% of our stuffs here are packed and sealed ready to be shipped back home (oh yeah, we are so ready to go..)

We will be celebrating Eid in Malaysia with beloved family and friends this year! yeay!!!

that's a lot to celebrate this year, isn't it? ;-)

hope all goes well and as planned. Pray for us.


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