Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Legoland, Windsor

Hari ni tak nak cerita pasal buka puasa sebab semalam makan nasi putih n lauk biasa2 jer. Pastu pulak budak2 tu sibuk nak makan pizza so mama nyer order jer SETTLED! hehe.. tomato and cheese pizza and BBQ chicken pizza.

Ni nak tunjuk gambor masa we all pegi Legoland aritu. This trip sempena Along's 10th birthday on 12th August. Because it fall during Ramadhan, so we bring forward the trip to the last week before Ramadhan..

Millions of LEGO bricks!! This theme park is just right for the kids at my kiddos age. We managed to get on most of the rides unlike masa kat Disneyland.. adik always tak cukup height so we can't get on it together-gether.

We left Notts around 6 am ish and got there around 915 am. Just in time before the park opens at 930. The weather was quite cloudy but i guess it's a blessing in disguise as it feels a bit cool hence we are less tired. All day at the park.. left the park around 8pm (tu dia.. punya lah lama dari pagi..kaki dah mcm nk tercabut penat!!)


all made of lego bricks! Nampak sgt real kan?

Next... drop by WINDSOR CASTLE before headed home. Next N3 lah yer...

Selamat Berbuka!

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