Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Birthday et. al.

Happy birthday to me and them... to us!
Bagus jugak buat n3 lambat ni.. one n3 for all.

Last sunday 13th was mine
Month before was Angah's - 10/11
A month before that was papa's - 17/10
Two months before Papa's was Along's and adik's - 12th and 02nd Aug respectively.

B'day cards from my colleagues at work

Card from my loved ones at home

Papa's b'day - Cake complimentary of ASDA hehehe...

Along got chicken pox on her 9th birthday.. sure ingat sampai tua!
Kek tu complimentary of Mama ok.. balik2 from Europe jer esok terus buat kek.
Anak punya pasal layan jugak lah..

Cheeky monkey cake with the cheeky boy!

Angah's 8th birthday

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